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Most Stylish Person I’ve Seen All Week

Name: Ashley Paintsil

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

What She’s Wearing: Ashley is wearing a dark brown and cream printed dress that’s fitted at the top and flowing at the bottom.  It is a wrap dress and she is wearing a dark chestnut leather motorcycle jacket over the top.  She is wearing metallic silver ballet flats and a large beaded necklace to complete the look.

Why I loved this look: I love this look because it plays with her proportions.  The long dress paired with the short jacket make her torso and legs look really long and the flats add to this.  I like the color combination with the neutral colors combined with the pop of metallic to give the outfit a bit of flair.  I also love the cool pattern of the dress paired with the solid leather jacket.  Finally I love the cut of the dress; the shape gives her an hourglass silhouette.  The wrap dress looks good on most body types and accentuates the curves of a woman.

Why she chose it: “I wanted to debut my new leather jacket and I had been staring at the brown beaded necklace in my closet for days, so I finally wore it because it matched perfectly with my wrap dress.  I was also in a really good mood because the sun was out, so I felt like wearing a wrap dress that would reflect that.  Whenever I am in a good mood I tend to wear dresses.”

What she’s looking forward to wearing when the weather gets chillier:  “I am looking forward to wearing chunky sweaters, all types of boots because I LOVE boots, and long maxi skirts with tights.



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