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Trend Tuesdays Halloween Edition

We all know Halloween was yesterday and I love dressing up and being someone else for a night.  Everyone dressed up all weekend long, so looking around I noticed certain trends among the college kid crowd.  So here are the ones I saw the most, and some tips if you want to get a similar look for less.

1. Nurse/Police officer- I put these two in the same category because they are both careers and I just wanted to.  These were a fan favorite this year because first you can find costumes for this that can be either sexy or not.  I personally like to be in between showing of my curves, but also being warm.  Because let’s face it, it’s always the coldest on the night you go out for Halloween.



An easy way to make a nurse costume would be to find a white dress (or shirt/skirt combo) and just add red shoes and a red cross (you can use just duct tape if your cheap like me) somewhere on the dress. If you want to lay down the law for Halloween and be a cop you just need a navy dress or shorts and a button down.  For accessories, depending on how much you want to look like a cop, you would need a black belt, handcuffs, and a fake badge.  When it comes to the clothing and the belt, use things you already have or borrow from a friend.  If you want a badge and handcuffs I say use some tin foil for the metallic affect.

2.  Animal- I saw a lot of animals this Halloween and it’s easy to figure out why.  Animal prints are easy to find in most clothing stores and it’s something you will probably wear again after Halloween.  Even if you aren’t a zebra or a cheetah, being a black cat or a mouse is pretty simple with solid colored clothing and a pair or ears.  I personally have not been an animal since I was a kid, but it is fun to see how people will set themselves apart from everyone else at the zoo.


3.  Sailor- This costume is always a fun costume because it’s both cute and sexy at the same time! I mean who doesn’t like to see a girl in uniform?

How you can do this yourself is find a navy and white striped skirt, shirt, or dress.  Wear it with something black or white if your striped piece is a separate.  Add a lot of anchor accessories, and make a sailor hat out of while unlined paper or maybe paint newspaper if you’re feeling  artsy (you can draw and anchor on there too while you’re at it).


4.  Superheroes-  Being a superhero can be both sexy and easy, because the heroes we usually choose(batman and superman, maybe green lantern) are already wearing tight spandex and cape is just a plus.

To do this on your own you can buy a hero shirt from a comic book store or hot topic type of place.  The bottoms are a little harder to get.  You can buy spandex short from any store that sells athletic wear.  Target or Walmart would probably be cheapest.  I doubt they sell any other colors besides black and white so if that happens, buy a white pair and then get together with a bunch or your friends and dye your shorts the color you want with dye you could probably buy at any arts and crafts store.  Finally the cape, what I would do is buy a bed sheet or a yard of fabric in whatever color (or white and use that dye you bought) goes with your costume and cut it to the length you want and make sure you cut out a way to tie it on.


These were just a few of the costumes I saw, but they were definitely the most popular.  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next year.


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