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The Most Stylish Person I’ve Seen All Week

Name: Ines Crato



What she wore: Ripped blue jeans with a plain tee, white zip-up sweatshirt, brown leather jacket, gray scarf, and navy and white patterned converse.

Why she wore it: “It was chilly out, and so I decided to bring out one of my favorite pieces, the leather jacket.  What makes it special is my mom bought it in Italy and its really warm without the bulk.” She goes on to say, “These converse are one of my favorite pairs because they are so unique.”

Why I liked it: I know what your thinking.  There are a ton of people who wear jeans and t-shirts everyday.  So what makes this girl so stylish? Well, she added special elements to her outfit to make it stand out.  The first thing I noticed when I saw her was the classic leather jacket.  It zipped up the front, but also had a piece at the neck that I love about leather jacket.  After the I saw the jacket the shoes were what caught my eye.  Its hard to tell in the photo above, but her shoes were so different they were navy on the outside, but as you look closer the tongue and under the part where the laces are had this beautifully organic design in navy on a white background.  They were so cute I wanted to take them right off her feet.  With these two pieces Ines took her outfit from average to noteworthy.


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