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Trend Tuesday!

Trend: Maxi Dress

This trend started last summer/spring as almost a bating suit cover-up.   Then stores and designers using real materials and made these dresses more affordable.  And so the trend was born with the consumers actually buying them I mean consumers as in other then the extremely rich who can afford designer maxi dresses.  Anyway, when this trend started I was totally against it.  This was because I had no idea where I would wear a piece like this.  To me it felt way to dressy and cumbersome.  Then I saw them on more people and realized the silhouette the dress was making on all the different types of girls was kind of flattering and of course it made them look longer (if the dress actually fit of course).  I mean if your tall and thin your don’t really have a problem with that (don’t rub it in), but if you have curves or are petite it doesn’t loot half bad either.  But then I still didn’t really know where to wear them unless you went to a garden party or maybe the beach.  From looking in magazines and people watching I have come to find that with the right accessories maxi dresses are actually okay for just everyday wear.  The one below is from forever 21 and its about twenty five dollars.  I would say that it a relatively good price, but I’m sure you could find them cheaper or more expensively if you look hard enough.  Although I have yet to purchase a maxi dress I really like this trend and expect it to stay around for another year or two until designers decide they want to see more leg.


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