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Review 11/11/11: Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder


I’m going to start with a product that I actually love because some products will not get as good a review as this.  First, if you are wondering what pressed powder is, it is a powder that is in the case like your eye shadow would be unlike a loose powder that basically just gets everywhere (I will probably review a product like that in the future).  When buying any powder it can be used as a foundation or as a kind of finishing powder.  If you use it as a foundation you would get whatever color matches your skin, but if you use it as just a powder to finish a look then you would go with translucent which is just a fancy word for clear/no color. Now to focus on this product specifically.  This press powder is a relatively good price at six dollars, and you can get it at most drug stores.  The makeup also comes with a powder sponge, but I use a big fluffy makeup brush.  With some products like this applying it can look cakey and accentuate blemishes, however, its a fine makeup for moderate coverage.  The reason I like it the most however is the reason I purchased it and that was to reduce the amount of sweat and shinyness I had ( I was working at a hot fast food joint and was required to wear a hat).  The results were way better than I expected.  The powder stayed on my face for hours even with all the sweating and wiping of the sweat (Sorry! Too much information), anyway you get the point.  The powder was also light and I barely even noticed it.  Now I use it everyday and I recommend it to anyone that wants a more matte less dewy look for their skin and wants to repel oil from staying on their skin.


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