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Trend Tuesday!

As per most of the east coast getting quite a bit of rain this week I figured I would make this week’s trend rain boots.  When I first left for college I never thought I would ever need rain boots since I had never needed them before.  Well, I was wrong it rains pretty often and having to trudge to class and avoid puddles is hard especially when you’re walking in the same direction as forty other people.  You are bound to step into the deepest puddle and ruin whatever shoe you are wearing.  So rain boots are really helpful in that scenario, but I hate wearing the rain boots I purchased.  They are uncomfortable, I don’t know if this is all rain boots because I haven’t tried all rain boots ever made.  Mine were around $20 at Marshall’s because I figured I could save on something I would only wear in the rain.  The issue I had with mine is they were too stiff, get your minds out of the gutter, I’m just saying it was hard to move my ankles.  That one problem makes it hard to go up the three flights of stairs I have to take to get to my room so it caused a few issues.  I have a lot more movement in the converse that I wear in the rain I usually just have to avoid puddles so that I don’t have puddles inside my shoes.  If you can deal with the uncomfortable movement issues of these kinds of boots or you can just find more comfortable boots then your set.  Otherwise this trend isn’t for you and you can just keep wearing your regular shoes in the rain.  You can try and get the cheap kind like I bought or you can try a more expensive brand like Hunter that has been around for quite a while, but they run about $125. So my overall feeling on this trend is it is useful, but can be uncomfortable. Choose your boot wisely and you should be fine.


Also I just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving! And I will definitely see what I can do to try and make the holidays more fun!


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