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Trend Tuesday!

Another rainy Tuesday here so I thought I would talk about another trend you could use in the rain, but is not specifically for rain.  If you didn’t already guess, I’m talking about the trench coat.  This is more of a fashion staple than a trend, but designers like Burberry Prorsum love to play with the textures and colors involved in creating this classic jacket.  For those of you who don’t know what a trench is I will show a picture of a plain one below.  I love trench coats because they can be worn every day and (depending on the thickness of your trench) any season.  It’s a flatter silhouette because it lengthens the body with the button placement and trenches are usually longer, but they also accentuate the waist.   This is probably the number one reason I like this type of coat.  Style of course is the other reason they can be professional, but you could also wear it on a date or a weekend out depending on the style.  Like I said previously designers are coming up with all kinds of ways to give the trench a breath of fresh air.  With new finishes like ombre’ or using different material like leather, I am seeing new versions of the trench everywhere.  Right now I just have a classic khaki trench right now, and it’s pretty light weight because I bought it in spring, but after seeing newer ones I may splurge for a more risky version to wear outside of a job interview.  I love this trend if you couldn’t already tell and I think that they look good on every body shape.  The cheapest you could buy one for is probably around forty or fifty dollars because retailers know it’s a classic you will have in your closet forever.  So here are some versions below, and stay dry!

Classic Style and Color by Burberry Prorsum

Trenches with a Twist

With leather piping Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011

With Studs Burberry Prosum Spring 2011


With Snakeskin Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011

And a cheaper alternative…

Classic Trench at Target for $49.99

Photos Courtesy of Style.com and Target.com




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