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A Very Polished Holiday

For the past few weeks my favorite color of nail polish, classic black, has been running out. I wanted to get something to replace it, but I wanted something a little more festive, but dark enough that it could indeed replace my previous dark nail polish.  I decided dark green was the way to go for now because it was dark and I wanted to try a color I had never used before because lets face it when you think of green its usually of the neon variety. I searched a couple of drug stores because I like getting things for cheap. I ended up finding this gorgeous dark green color by Revlon called Emerald City that had a little bit if sparkle, but it wasn’t overpowering.  It also had this really cool matte finish so it wasn’t super shiny either. It took about two to three coats to get the color I wanted, but other then that its been staying on really well.  Also I like that it looks good on both long and short nails similar to the reason why I like black so much.  Other holiday colors that might inspire you are Butter London’s West End Wonderland that you can find at Nordstrom. That one is $14 so if you want another less expensive option, is Plumberry by Essie for around $8 this is a almost cranberry color with an interesting metallic effect that reminds me of the holidays. There are photos of each below.  Sorry for the quality, new camera coming soon!







Hope you guys are having a great holiday!


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