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Fashion Week: February 7-8th

No one has walked the runway at Lincoln Center, but that doesn’t mean fashion week hasn’t already begun. A few designers have already showed the world their collections for Fall 2012.  The first collection that caught my eye was the work of Zac Posen in his Z spoke collection.  This collection found a balance between strong and sensual when it comes to silhouettes.  He mixed strong jackets and structural elements with soft fabric and beautifully draped dresses.  The design details on his dresses put this collection at the front of the pack for the first day of fashion week.  His mixture of textures and use of navy and black with crisp white and pinks pulled the looks together flawlessly.

The second day of fashion week brought a powerhouse and two less well known designers.  Derek Lam showed his 10 Crosby collection which involved fun patterns and a seventies vibe.  There was definitely a piece for every woman you might know with Lam’s collection.  The two other designers of the day were Steven Alan and Michael Angel who had two very different design aesthetics.  Michael Angel mixed abstract patterns with simple silhouettes and more structured pieces with more muted solid colors.  I liked that his collection had variety with shape and style of the garments, but kept the collection cohesive with the repeated used of pattern and similar colors.  However, these clothes have a smaller range of women who would wear them.  Steven Alan went a more wearable route when it came to his collection.  Alan did both menswear and womenswear for fashion week.  His collection had a vintage feel with details that made it feel fresh.  Many of the menswear was simple, but well-tailored and used pieces with bright patterns to lift a whole look.  For the womenswear Alan used vintage silhouettes from the fifties and sixties.  He also used unexpected color and mixed masculine pieces with more feminine garments to create contrast.  Though all of the designers we’ve seen so far have been relatively different they all showed beautiful collections and I think we are in for an amazing Fall 2012.

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All for Fall 2012 Ready to Wear



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