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Getting into the Veterans of fashion week with a few less known designers, but mostly the big names we see every year.  It was exciting to see how each collection took their iconic image and kept it fresh for 2012.  Here are the designers that stood out to me for their style, vision, and freshness.

February 11th

Lacoste- This collection had a good balance of color using many neutrals and adding in coral and this sky blue color.  These combinations made the brighter elements really stand out.  The silhouettes at the beginning of the show made me feel like I was at a ski resort in the future with warmer fabrics, but with really modern cuts for women, but me were simpler colors combinations with more neutrals assumingly to balance out the more out there women’s clothing.  Lacoste used one pattern most obviously and in the brightest color.  It’s hard to explain what the pattern looked like, but to me it looked like a rougher version of plaid (but you can see for yourself).  I wasn’t expecting anything completely out there from Lacoste, but this did seem a little out of their comfort zone. For that I give my applause, but is it a collection that blows my mind?  No, but it does seem like they are getting somewhere with the types of colors they use and their silhouettes they just need to accomplish this in a more cohesive way.

Jill Stuart- This collection screamed femininity; the silhouettes started out simple and slowly moved to more intricate designs later in show.  Stuart kept the palette simple on this, just darker colors like black and dark blues and purples as well as a dusty pink color and white.  She also screamed sweet with floral patterns all over this collection and the added lace towards the end.  These pieces mixed high fashion with pieces you could mix and match in your everyday wardrobe.  Stuart also played with mixing sheer with heavier fabrics.  I love that her clothes are sweet, but have a little bit of sexy in them too thanks to the hemlines and the parts with mesh and lace. I’m not sure how much of risk she took creating these looks, but they will get attention from everyday women who want to show off their girly side.

Monique Lhuillier- This show felt like a mountain of glamour.  That may sound strange, but the looks just got more and more glamorous as the show reached its close.  The looks started out with blacks, reds, and oranges in solids, abstract patterns, and just the right amount of leather and sparkle.  The details and embellishment of these garments are beautiful showing off all of the curves of a woman.  Lhuillier mixed classic gown silhouettes with more unexpected ones, but they were all equally as sexy and elegant.  This collection was the epitome of glamour of the past and today from the styling of the models to what they were strutting their stuff in.

Mara Hoffman- This collection had a loose and easy going feeling about the pieces with a hint of sexiness.  Hoffman creates cool and fun pieces with her use of patterns and mix of comfortable pieces with more feminine ones.  Though Hoffman is less well known designer she has looks that are fresh and unlike anything I have seen so far at fashion week for the fall season.

February 12th

Tracy Reese- This collection really had a little bit of everything.  The garments in this collection have so many mixing patterns and such an array of colors that it’s a breath of fresh air from all the black we seen in the fall.  The silhouettes are relatively simple, but the mixed patterns and colors really make each piece something special.  The clothes look really different but somehow manage to be a cohesive collection overall.  I love how quirky and cool looks that all work together for many different women.

Diane von Furstenberg- This collection showed what a stylish career woman should look like.  She is sexy and strong, but also elegant and sleek.  The colors are mostly neutral with an occasional pop of red or lime green. Von Furstenberg creates silhouettes for both the office and other places a woman with a career may go like a cocktail party.  There are many pieces a woman could mix and match with pieces she has in her own closet.

Tommy Hilfiger- Hilfiger’s collection focused on jackets this season and also included a pattern that was an illustrated picture of belts which I found to be strange, but I guess some one finds it attractive to put it down the New York Fashion Week runway.  The jackets were made very well and had a variety of styles, but that was the most exciting part.   The other pieces are kind of boring; maybe the design house assumed the jackets would just be their main focus.  Otherwise the collection is cohesive in its color scheme, but not its silhouettes.  These are unbalanced with a weird shift from heavy leather pieces to thin cotton ones.

Timo Weiland- This is not the first season we have seen Weiland, but this is definitely one of my favorite seasons they have shown.  This show had inspiration from punk, grunge, but also had femininity in the women’s clothes.  The menswear kept it simple, but referenced punk with baggy silhouettes and dark colors.  All of the pieces had a dark palette, but they were given more dimensions with floral patterns that add a different flair to the all-black ensembles.  Overall it’s a cute collection that I think a lot of people will like, and I am one of those people.

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All Looks are from New York Fashion Week Fall 2012



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