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Fashion Week: February 13-14th

It’s getting close to the end of my favorite time of year. New York Fashion Week has only two days left, but I just don’t want to let it go.  One of the days they showed collections of course was Valentine’s Day which is so appropriate because I love most of the designers that showed that day, however, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I could only give my devotion to my top three of the day.  Besides that I was excited to see what was coming was coming next for these designers and how they changed from last season.


February 13th

Carolina Herrera- This collection definitely had Herrera’s signature looks almost like she played it safe.  The show started with a lot of dark or neutral colors then adding in a lighter blue, coral, and a soft rose color.  The collection had a variety of jackets which I liked, but mostly showed skirts and dresses.  The patterns had an abstract quality but somehow seemed less “out there” by placing them always with solid pieces or pieces with a small pattern.  One look that really caught my attention it was white with black striped overly and strips of black in all different directions.   It’s the only one in the collection with this type of pattern which makes it stand out and the materials add to this.  Overall I would say this collection was safe with some unexpected twists.  I think women are going to feel like classic beauties in these clothes.

Reem Acra- Leather, lace, and sparkle.  Those are the three things that got my attention at this show.  Yes, there were some really well tailored coats and blazers, but the dresses started at look twenty two until the end of the show left me breathless.  Acra manage to create patterns with all the embellishment, this is not a new concept, but she executed flawlessly.  The look that really got my attention was a black number with a high slit up the leg.  Arca created almost a zig zag of bare skin.  She made it look like the dress is held on the model’s body by nothing.  It’s phenomenal and I haven’t seen anything like it for Fall 2012.  No, I don’t think you could wear it on the street, but maybe to a fancy gala because it is simple enough, but it’s still pretty darn sexy.  Reem Acra’s whole collection exudes this feeling and I’m sure that’s exactly what she was looking for.

Betsey Johnson- This show was bright and fun like is always expected from Betsey Johnson, but something kind of struck me about this collection.  It was a lot more wearable pieces and fewer outrageous pieces like we usually get.  Don’t get me wrong, I love pieces that I could see myself wearing, but it seems like Johnson was holding back this season.  I mean fall does usually have less bright colors, but I assumed Betsey Johnson could come up with a way to incorporate them.  Most of the pieces are still cute and quirky, but there are some pieces that confuse me a bit just because they don’t seem to fit in Johnson’s design aesthetic.  The clothes were beautiful, but not very cohesive.  I am just left scratching my head, but maybe that’s what Betsey wanted all along.

Carlos Miele- There a lot of patterns used in this collection, from something western inspired to geometric to colorful. Miele used a lot of different patterns on the simple silhouettes in his collection.  Miele created a few well-structured blazers and some loose ponchos, but his main focus was dresses.  He showed his variety in these dresses, displaying his brilliant draping abilities, but also within the details of his gowns.  Every woman at every age could find a dress she liked.  With variety, however, you can lose a little bit of the cohesiveness in a collection, some of the related elements can be seen, but it’s difficult to see how all the pieces work together.


February 14th

Tory Burch- Sweet and proper are the two words that come to mind when I look at this collection.  There are a lot of high necklines and long hemlines.  I love the sweetness that this collection gives off even in the colors that are used.  The show started out with creams and blacks with hints of metallic, then comes the lilacs, sky blues, burgundies, plums, teals, and dark reds.  All the colors feel very sophisticated, probably to add sophistication to the silhouettes.  Burch also uses very classic patterns alongside delicate florals.  These pieces seem very wearable for every day and office wear.  There is nothing that throws me off my seat in this collection, but I can admit it is beautiful.

Badgley Mischka- I have to say before I tell you about this show that I had very high expectations because I have loved Badgley Mischka collections for many seasons, but honestly it was a disappointment.  There was balance in the show and by that I mean the beautiful and not so beautiful were about equal within this forty three look collection.  The colors chosen for this show were black, gold, rose, white, and a metallic dark green.  Which sound beautiful, but for some reason it was not pleasing to the eye.  Some of the clothes look straight from the eighties and the styling didn’t help.  On the other hand, the dresses that reminded me of why I love the men who create these clothes were gorgeous.  They had beautiful beading and draping and simply stunning.  I don’t know what made these two head back to the eighties, but I miss their modern flair.

Vera Wang- Vera Wang is known for her gorgeous wedding gowns, and maybe she should have taken a page from that book when creating for this fall season.  When looking at this collection there is a lot of sheer.  Then she added very bulky pieces to create balance.  The balance between heavy and light was created, but she still had pretty confusing and unwearable pieces.  Few pieces act as if they could be worn straight off the runway which is never a good thing because then people can’t really relate to your clothes.  The cut of a lot of these garments was strange too; it seemed as if she just sewed strips of fabric onto a dress.  Then other pieces looked like they were unfinished or incomplete.  The colors were fine staying with the theme of dark grays or nudes and a brighter red orange or sky blue.  She also had abstract patterns, but they didn’t work well with Wang’s sheer fabrics.  This collection was a miss in my book; maybe she should incorporate whatever inspiration she uses for those gorgeous wedding gowns.

Also I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!

Here are the looks I loved from each designer:

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All looks are from New York Fashion Week Fall 2012

All photos from (www.style.com)


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