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Fashion Week February 15-16th

Sorry this post took so long, but for the last day of Fashion Week I had to make sure it was perfect.

All these designers brought out their best this season, and just like everyone else I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.  The rest of these collections will speak for themselves.

February 15th

Michael Kors- Beauty in simplicity is all I have to say about Michael Kors’s collection it had simple pieces that could be mixed and matched a long with luxurious fur pieces.  The main colors he used were black and bright red, but beige and gold along with the camel Kors is famous for also made an appearance.  He created variety with the loose and structured silhouettes, but kept it cohesive by keeping every piece simple and elegant.  Kors is the king of sportswear and this collection is evidence as to why.  He just knows that woman want to be comfortably fabulous and this concept is even shown in his evening dresses at the end of the show.  The gowns were gorgeously cut and draped, but also looked comfortable.

Nanette Lepore- This collection seemed a little strange when I first saw it, but as I moved through the pieces the most beautiful it became.  Though the colors are a bit outlandish and bright, but together it looks fabulous.  The color combinations were gorgeous with the light and dark hues working together with the patterns.  The clothes were almost had a springtime feel which is strange considering this is for Fall 2012.  Fur and lace are also added to give this quirky collection a more upscale feeling, but still seems in reach of the everyday woman.

J. Mendel- This collection was modern and feminine.  Each look that came down the runway was better than the last.  This collection screamed elegance, but also a little bit of risk when it came to the cut and colors of each look.  The colors stayed pretty simple only using a few hues outside of a neutral palette.  However, when these colors were used it definitely added something to the whole collection.  Mendel used hints of yellow, and metallic, but the deep purple was what stood out.  There was so much structure and detail in this collection it was breathtaking, but equally as brilliant were the flowing gowns with a lot of small details.  What I think set this collection apart is it has light elements, but still looked like it was made for the fall season because of the use of color and which gorgeous silhouettes were chosen.

Anna Sui- This collection is really just all over the place, but I am assuming that’s what Sui was going for.  There are a lot of different patterns, too many to even try and describe and the colors are all over too.  The only thing that actually stayed consistent was the styling which is usually the case in runway shows like this.  Besides the fact that this collection is a little quirky it is also very fun and feminine and it’s obvious that she has a specific audience.  Also, the only thing that relates to the fall season in this collection is the knit hats wore by some of the models which make these looks seem like they are for little kids.  This isn’t exactly everyone’s taste, but she does a good job of being cute and kooky for her audience.

February 16th

Marchesa- This collection was intricate and detailed in almost in every piece that came down the runway.  Marches used mostly white but had a few pieces with blue hues along with gold, black, red and metallic.  Each piece was really delicate and feminine with so much elegance.  There were opulent gowns as well as shorter dresses to show variety, but the pieces stayed cohesive.  The cohesion was obvious throughout the show because every piece was as breathtaking as the last.

Proenza Schouler- This collection was one of the most edgy I have seen this fall.  It felt very different from the other collections I’ve seen during Fall 2012.  The jackets were the main focus of this collection and there were a lot of interesting cuts and combinations.  The colors used were white, beige, and black when it comes to neutrals and reds, oranges, blues, and a hint of green in the more colorful category.  The collection was cohesive except for a few jackets that had brilliant patterns with a Japanese inspiration.  Overall this collection was a little out there and edgy, but it was a fresh take on Fall 2012

Victoria Beckham- Beckham’s collection was very wearable as was to be expected.  The collection as a whole was very cohesive with simple silhouettes and jewel tones with darker neutral colors.  It was sleek and refined just like Beckham’s personal style.  This collection was nothing spectacular, but it was wearable and will be a big hit with women everywhere.

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All looks are from New York Fashion Week Fall 2012

Pictures from (www.style.com)



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