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Trend Tuesday!

Its Tuesday and you know what that means! Trend Tuesday! The trend I am talking about today is shorts with tights.  Specifically, denim shorts and black tights.  Some people I have talked to hate this trend and think its trashy, but I actually think if its worn in the right way it wouldn’t look trashy.  I like the way tights can make shorts almost look more sophisticated. Pair it with something more covering like a jacket or blazer and your set to go.  But yes, sometimes this can go horribly wrong.  If the tights are ripped it automatically looks like you just got in a fight.  Wearing some tiny tank on top will also make your outfit look out of balance.  But worn in a chic way denim shorts and black tights can be a good look to use for those spring days that are warmer, but maybe your not prepared to show off your legs quite yet.


Shanae Grimes In a not so flattering look.

This look is completely unflattering the boots make her legs look short, the tights are completely ripped and barely black, and she just looks disheveled.  Granted you don’t have to look like a fashion icon everyday, but clothes that flatter your body are a must.


Katie Holmes, Nicole Richie, and Milla Jovovich rocking denim shorts and black tights.

These ladies know what they are doing when it comes to this trend.  They are balanced at the top with a scarf, vest, or blazer.  Their looks also work because they are wearing tights that at the least are semi opaque black and they are also showing off the length of their legs by wearing black heels or flats that DON’T cut the leg in half like the boots on Shanae did above,


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