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Review (3/19/12): Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Coastal Surf

photo (9)

We all know Revlon for their cosmetics, but they have never been big in the nail polish industry.  They have a few colors here and there each season, but never tried to set themselves apart.  This changed a few months ago when I caught an ad for Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish.  This ad said that this polish would last for eleven days with a top and bottom coat (they recommended their own brand, but I am sure you can use your own).  The color I chose was Coastal Surf, it’s a bright blue color shown below.  The polish is very nice and it only took two coats to get to my desired color.  It came out really bright, and it definitely gets a lot of attention.  As for lasting 11 days it starts to chip after about seven, but that is still a pretty long time for polish at least for me.  It runs for around $7 give or take some change and I would say well worth the purchase.  They have a lot of fun colors along with more neutral tones, and you can find them in pretty much any drugstore.  I am loving these polishes and I intend to purchase more as soon as I can! I say try these pretty polishes out.


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