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This One is for All the Guys

Sorry about the delay everyone! I have been having a lot of technical difficulties and midterms lately, but I hope you enjoy the post!
I know that most of the people that check out my posts are girls, but knowing about menswear isn’t so bad! I am going to talk about men’s suit and ties, because nothing is sexier than a man in a nice suit.

First, I am going to talk about color.  The color of an man’s suit is the first thing you notice about his look.  Neutral tones are best because suits or even blazers can be expensive and you want to make sure it’s still in style years from now.  Black is of course classic, and gray is good too so any blackish grayish color in between that are great.  If your getting a casual blazer beige is a safe bet and if you want to get a little trendier for any of these types of jackets navy is a great color on guys.  For the color of ties its a little trickier because there are so many colors of ties.  Some rules for choosing a tie are never mix prints unless you follow the rules of my last two mixing prints posts.  Wearing the same tie and shirt color can be tricky because you can look like you just came out of the Crayola box so if you’re wearing lets say a blue shirt and tie makes sure the tie has some kind of pattern so it goes with the shirt instead of matching perfectly.

As for the shape of the tie, I personally love skinny ties, but classic ties are very professional and always look nice with a good suit or dress shirt.  The suit shape and detail are really the hard part again because there are some variations so I am going to chose my favorites and explain what set them apart for me.

Paul Rudd in a classic black suit

This is the classic look for a suit, but the satin material sets it apart.  I love this classic look and it really works for all guys.

Jeremy Irvine in a navy suit

This a great eample of a navy suit worn casually.  Irvine is wearing it without the tie so its dressed down a little, but still looks appropriate.

I am loving the monochromatic look, Lowell has the blue shirt, tie, and even a bluish tint to his suit.  The blue shirt and tie go together because of the color, but they don’t look to matched because of the pattern on the tie.  The suit jacket is great because of the pockets, two on one side and one on the other its a modern twist to the classic look.  It really makes this suit stand out.

Sebastian Stan in a three piece suit

Stan is looking sexy in his three piece suit.  The skinny tie really makes this look young and fresh and the vest dresses up any look.  I know he unbuttoned the jacket just to show it off.


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