Must Have Bags

Here are some bags I think every woman should have in her closet.

Save on the left and Splurge on the right, Enjoy!

Must Have Bags


Black tote: The reason I think this is a staple is you can stick all your stuff in it and go. Really you can get a tote in any color, but I like black because it will never go out of style or season. With that being said you could probably bring this bag anywhere like work school or running errands because you can stick your computer, your books, your lunch or all of the above in this bag. It may get kind of heavy, but that why you have two arms right?
Structured Neutral Bag: This is for the day when you want to feel or need to look polished for something. It gives you a classic look that you can keep wearing season to season.

Brown Top Handle Bag: I love this bag because its very versatile in face it might be my favorite of all the bag because it can be both relaxed and professional depending on what you wear it with. It can be worn on the weekend because of its colors and relaxed texture. It can also be worn to say an interview because of its style the top handle gives it almost a briefcase look. I think this could be styled a ton of other fun ways, but I think I’ll talk about the other bags instead.

Colorful Cross-body Bag: This style has been around for a little while now, and I have to say whoever came up with it knew what they were doing. You can just stick all your stuff in this bag, put in over your shoulder and not think about it, and your hands are free to do as they please. I chose pink ones because I was feeling pastel pink, but neon is also fun and I can’t resist neutral colors of course (kind of loving navy right now)!

Metallic Clutch: Clutches have been around since the beginning of time basically and they come in all shapes and sizes so I chose pretty simple shapes with a circle (or oval I guess) and a square. I like these because they aren’t plain, but you could wear them with just about any color (…except more metallic). They will give a going out look a little shine and you’ll have your stuff in the palm of your hand.

Soft leather handbag
$2,416 – boutique1.com

Proenza Schouler metallic handbag
$2,030 – thecorner.com

Valentino black tote handbag
$1,995 – shirise.com

SERPUI MARIE clutch handbag
$595 – calypsostbarth.com

Orla Kiely genuine leather handbag
$450 – orlakiely.com

Zara shopping tote bag
$80 – zara.com

Mango brown handbag
£50 – johnlewis.com

Mini handbag
$38 – nastygal.com

Zara bag
$30 – zara.com

Top handle handbag
$27 – tillys.com


3 comments on “Must Have Bags

  1. Great finds! I love the black Zara tote ^^


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