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My Obsessions

Ok so I am finally out of exams for now, but I am staying busy so don’t worry! I will also be posting more then I have been because I will have more time if you can believe it.  As a fun treat I decided to fill you in on all the styles I am obsessed with at the moment and as you can probably tell there are a lot.  Enjoy!

My Obsessions

 In the tops department there are a few things I am loving at the moment.  First, I am loving the front tie shirt, this is a tricky style because it can look kind of tacky if you bare everything from right beneath you cleavage to underneath your navel, but I know you guys know better than that (a little tummy is fine).  Next is the denim shirt I think its just a relaxed look and it forces me to wear things other than jeans so that’s a plus. The third item is a sleeveless collared shirt, this style manages to be both light, flirty, and polished all at the same time and I love it!  The final top is a sweater  I know I know its getting very hot lately, but I love this like open knit sweater for a cool walk on the beach at night (what? a girl can dream).
On to dresses, I love this first one for its cutouts, I know they have been around for like a year now, but I think its so fun when like a sweet eyelet dress has like a sexy surprise cutout on the back.  Next is the sexy black number, and the reason I am obsessed with this is because of the silhouette, its so modern and can look good on so many figures.  The last dress is one of my favorite, for one reason only because it is light and flowy and loose.  I think it is just perfect for those hot summer days, but you can still look sophisticated.
Next is bottoms, yeah I am just putting all the bottoms in one category (just don’t question it).  The cropped pants are first and I know they are green, but I liked the cut on these the best so just pretend they are black  I think these are fun for summer if you just don’t feel like shaving, you can still look cute! Next are coral pants, they are light and a fresh take on denim.  Skirts are fun and simple so I love the accordion pleated skirt because it adds something interesting without being over powering.   I love the high-low hem skirts, but you guys already know that (if not, go check it out).  Last are a summer staple shorts, nothing too crazy going on here I just love lace and I think lace shorts make an otherwise casual and rugged piece more sweet and chic.  I also love the scallop cut on shorts because like the pleated skirts its interesting, but not overwhelming.
The blazer is just in the bunch  because I basically love everything mint colored right now.
The accessories are all I am craving right now, quilted bags (Chanel does it best, but I found a cheaper, but just as cute alternative), pointed flats look so good and can be worn with just about anything, and finally watches are classic, but right now I like leather bands because they give an old school look.
Have a good weekend!

Laugh Cry Repeat two tone dress
$278 – otteny.com

Fitted dress
€143 – nelly.com

¥12,600 – stun-l.com

Vanessa Bruno Athé oversized sweater
$265 – lagarconne.com

Denim top
$52 – missiny.com

Elizabeth and james blazer
$445 – shoplesnouvelles.com

Great Plains coral skirt
$78 – coggles.com

Blue shorts
£65 – riverisland.com

White Stuff cropped skinny jeans
£45 – johnlewis.com

Monki high waisted pants
€35 – monki.com

Red skirt
$25 – romwe.com

Vero Moda lace shorts
£18 – houseoffraser.co.uk

A|Wear rainbow shoes
£35 – awear.com

Quilted shoulder bag
£3,413 – boutique1.com

ASOS cross body shoulder bag
$28 – asos.com

ASOS watch
$43 – asos.com


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