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Trend Tuesday!

Trend: Vests

This trend has been in and out of the style bubble for decades and at the moment it is back in.  A vest in denim can give a relaxed feel or maybe more preppy if it isn’t distressed or if you add some studs on the back the look can become edgy.  Colored vests make a statement they can definitely change your whole look depending on the color, I chose a crisp white because its light so I could try and wear it with a skirt.  The two other vests are in a leather and what looks like tweed with a leather trim.  These are a different take on the vest, one is more biker chick and the other is more polished straight-laced kind of girl.  What ever style you choose to take on vests are a trend to look out for.


Trend Tuesday

Kelly Wearstler leather waistcoat
$265 – otteny.com

Madewell denim vest
$88 – madewell.com

Denim vest
€66 – modekungen.se

Daytrip vest
$65 – buckle.com

Studded vest
$45 – etsy.com

Monki vest
€30 – monki.com


One comment on “Trend Tuesday!

  1. Love this post! I need to get a denim vest ASAP!

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