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Summer hair

I have been thinking about changing my hair for a few weeks now, but I am finally buckling down and doing so because I want a change for the summer. My hair is naturally very dark so I am going to lighten it up a bit I think. Here are a few things that are cute for the summer if you want to change up your locks.


Dip Dye: This is when you dye the ends of your hair bright colors, you can use a permanent color and bleach your hair or something less permanent that washes out. If you just want this look for like a night out or something, try clip in extensions.


This is if you just want to change your style, braids are fun and I figured this would be a slight change from just your regular old straight, but not too advanced that you can’t figure it out. Its fun because you can wear your hair like this if its misbehaving or if you just want to look cute.


Ombre is a fun style going from dark to light because it just looks cool in my opinion because you have two completely different ends of the spectrum when it comes to hair. I have never seen any other type of ombre hair color, but blonde to brown could look cute or maybe something in the red family…


…speaking of red, going red is really popular these days and Emma Stone is one of the actresses responsible. She has beautiful hair and she makes bright red look sophisticated not crazy.


If you don’t want to color, but you want a big change, try a sexy bob. Above is the sleek version, but a loose wavy bob is just as sexy. You’ll also keep cool in the summer heat with less hair on your head.


Last, is another style if you just want to go out of your comfort zone. I know it just looks like a bun, but its soft and put together not just thrown into a pile on the top of your head. This will be a sweet look that any ballerina would be jealous of because its less tight and more chic.


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