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Sweet Relief

Ever want to look like you could both kick someone’s ass, and look like your sweet as pie.  Well now you can! Here are a few looks that give you the best of both without making your wallet cry for help.


Sweet Relief


Look 1: Add a motorcycle or bomber jacket over your sweetest sundress and girliest heels and the contrast will look too hot to handle.

Look 2: The sweet peplum floral top doesnt show much skin so throwing on leather shorts will make you look and feel sexy, because lets face it, that’s what leather does (most of the time).  The lace up nude heels just make sure the look isn’t too heavy on your lower half.  Lets just say combat boots are not a good idea.

Look 3: The pink flowing blazer keeps this look sweet because it is an ultra sweet silhouette.  Cheetah print could be both edgy and girly so I chose a sexy bustier top to give a bit of both.  The pants are a boyfriend cut to balance the jacket and the distressed elements add edge.  The cherry on top of course are the studded heels.

If you want to feel like a badgirl in even jeans and tshirt I suggest you pick up a pair.  Studded heels will probably be my trend of the week so look out for that!

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Topshop bustier top

River Island peplum top
$39 – riverisland.com

Blue jacket
$265 – nelly.com

Peach blazer

Rebecca Minkoff wedge boots


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