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My Obsessions This Week

My Obsessions This Week
Above are all my recent obsessions first I’ll start with tops.  I only have two tops up there because I went a little crazy last time.  First I love tribal printed shirts, I think its a causal print that can be worn with a lot of different stuff. Next is that yellow shirt which shows a few things I’m obsessed with like bright colors like yellow and lime green.  Another part of this shirt I like is the cut I don’t know what the name of it is, but I this its really cute.
 Shoes are next, I love combat boots of course, but I especially like them in brown for spring.  I think it gives them a softer more earthy look.  The white pumps are next and the only reason I like them is the style they have no platform and the overlap between the back and front piece make this basic shoe more interesting.
Dresses come next, lace dresses have been trending for a while now, but just recently I have started finding styles I actually could wear like the one above.  I am love polka dot dresses right now because you can dress them up, down, edgy, or sweet.  The pattern and color are classic so styling it to fit your look is really easy.
I only added one outwear piece because its still summer, but I have been eyeing up some cropped jackets for fall and this one is amazing could look so cute with a maxi anything.
Bottoms are in a big group again so I’ll go from left to right.  Harem pants (yeah that’s really what they are called) and they are a little out there I know, but there is something about them that makes me think they will end up being a trend.  Maybe that they look all comfy or that its a new take on pants.  After that I have two leather pieces, shorts and a pencil skirt,  leather shorts just look cool, but I don’t know how comfortable they would be.  As for the skirt, I think this could make any work outfit look out of this world.
Finally is accessories,  I have two bags up there, but I am trying to say the same thing for both.  I am in love with super structured bags I hate the color of the one on the left, but I love everything else which is why I put the other bag up.  As for that ring I have been looking for like a longer ring like above, but not huge width-wise because I want to be able to move my fingers around.  This one is close the type that I like, but maybe not the shape.
 Hope you guys enjoy!

Monki lace dress
$55 – monki.com

Polka dot dress

Rebecca Minkoff silk shirt

Zena tribal print shirt
$44 – celebboutique.com

See by Chloé wool jacket

Jason Wu pencil skirt

AllSaints short shorts

Harem pants

Monsoon wedding shoes

Military boots

Jessica simpson handbag

Colorblock handbag


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