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Pants Everyone Can Pull Off

Fall is right around the corner, and that means wearing pants again.    I thought I would show the best bottoms for bodies, and why they will look great on you!

The Black Pant


Black pants are always flattering, black is slimming as they say and that is very true.  Black gives your body the look of long clean line nothing breaks it up like certain washes, distressing, or fading in certain areas can do.  If your thinking of trying a new cut for your jeans, your best bet is to try it in black because you will probably look hot.

The Flare Leg


The flare is a great cut for anyone because it balances out the thighs. Now don’t get too crazy and get a hug flare a small flare like the example is nice or maybe a bit bigger depending on your size.  I know flare can be a bit scary because they go in and out so quickly, but if you make sure they fit to your body and balance you out right then your amazing legs should be in style for quite a while.

The Paper Bag Pant


I know this one looks scary, but trust me on it.  Paper bag pants just means they look similar to a paper bag at the top, it also means they are high rise.  How this works with your body is it comes in at the smallest part of you (your waist), and comes out at the hips and then back in at the knees and ankles.  This will look good because this will create a beautiful hourglass shape.  The cut will accentuate your tiny waist and they act as if your hips are just part of the design on the pant.

The Skinny


This is how you wear a skinny cut pant and make sure it looks good.  Buy it in a dark wash, makes sure it is the correct length (hitting at your ankle bone), and makes sure they fit you correctly (not so tight that your legs want to burst out, but not so loose that they look like your boyfriends pants).  All these things will makes your legs look hot in skinnies.

All photos from Forever 21


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