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Trend Tuesday!

Its been a rough week, and I missed yesterday’s trend tuesday because its midterms that’s all I’m going to say.  SO here’s Trend Tuesday a day late.
Trend: Winter Hats
Winter hats are becoming more and more popular and that means all kinds of styles.  Here are a few gorgeous ones for every style!
Trend Tuesday

French Connection trilby hat

AllSaints knit beanie

Slouch hat

Red hat

Topshop knit beanie

Gray hat
$40 – newlook.com

Black wool hat

Wool hat

Fat Face crochet beret
$26 – fatface.com

Uniqlo crochet cloche hat
$24 – uniqlo.com

Slouch hat
$16 – bankfashion.co.uk

Wet Seal knit beret


One comment on “Trend Tuesday!

  1. I’m not a “hat” person, but this week’s focus on hats has been informative and truly inspiring. I have had a rough week also, and I appreciate the effort given you’ve got midterms!
    Keep up the “good blogs”!!

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