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Fun Hair Style

I was bored today, and you know use girls love to play with hair.   Before I knew it my friend’s hair was like a weave of braids.  I thought it looked really cool so I thought I would explain how I did it.




Step One: separate the hair into three large sections as if you would braid it normally


Step Two: take each section and separate it into three smaller sections


Step Three: take one of the smaller sections and braid it, repeat for all small sections so you should have nine small braid when your done.


Step Four: Take your nine braids and braid them together so you have three braids now.  Like the left three, the right three, and the middle three.


Step Five: Take your three medium braids and make them into one large braid and throw a hair tie on the end.


Step Six: Enjoy your braid weave!


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