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Finals Survival Guide

I have been MIA for a few days because of my finals, the stress just got to be a lot and studying was my first priority.  Now I am back and refreshed and ready to give you tips on how to get through your finals week.

I know this isn’t completely fashion related, but I figured it would be helpful.


1) Sleep is your friend- I promise you an all-nighter is never the answer.  Any work or studying done between the hours of like 2am and 6am will not be good work or you won’t remember it.  Go to bed when your fried and wake up early the next day to get stuff done.

2) Time Management- I know this seems obvious, but I know a lot of people that done know how to study for a lot of exams around the same time.  Make sure you make time to study for all your exams so you don’t get and A on one and an F on the other.  If you have a lot of time study for each exam every other day like Monday, Wednesday, Friday study one subject and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for the other and quiz yourself Sunday if your exam is the following Monday.  If you only have a day or two do this with hours, two hours on one subject and two hours on the other.

3) Take Breaks- Breaks are essential to retain any information. It lets you know what you have remembered and what you still have left to study.  Also a break will give you a chance to do other fun things like eat, sleep, and talk to people so they know you are alive.

4)Dress up- Nothing makes finals quite as draining as wearing sweats while doing it.  Yes, there is a place and time for sweats, but you can’t be too stressed to put on a pair of jeans.  Dressing up can also make you feel like you have done something that day if finals have got you down.

5) Don’t Stress- …Too much.  Its normal to be worried about cramming all that information in your head or how hard the exam will be, but once its over with stop worrying and move on.  Once the exam is turned in there is nothing else you can do about it so don’t waste your time stressing.  Instead of stressing out put your energy into studying for your next exam or enjoying the beginning of your winter break!



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