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Style Resolutions For 2013

Hope your new year is starting off well and your off to a good start with those resolutions.  Now I know everyone has the usual eat healthier, exercise more, or the quit a bad habit resolutions and I wish everyone good luck with those.  I have started doing style resolutions where I want to pick things to change and make my wardrobe more diverse instead of playing it safe in 2013.    Style New Year Resolutions
1.  Wear Color-  As many of my friends  know I wear a lot of neutrals, black and gray are my favorites, but I want to wear more colors to brighten up my wardrobe like the lime/neon green shirt above.  Its attention grabbing and fun which is what I want my wardrobe to have.
2.  Dress Up- I recently got a tuxedo style blazer and I have always loved tuxedo style pants, but I rarely have an occasion to wear such pieces.  So this year I am going to elevate my style for class and running around town.  Not just dressing up for date night and special occasions.
3. Wear  Prints-  I love printed clothing, but I am always afraid as soon as I buy something it will go out of style.  The only prints I own are the classics like floral, stripes, leopard, and polka dots.  This year I am buying some crazy prints and just hoping for the best.  Prints can give a look variation and be more interesting to the eye.
4. Leather-  I have a no leather pieces in my wardrobe except for handbags and 2013 is the year that is going to change.  Out of all the options I think a leather skirt is more versatile throughout seasons and styles.  A leather skirt has both and edginess and a softness that neither pants nor a dress have.  The skirt is definitely a must for me this year.
5. Sassy Shorts-  This would be later in the season because its pretty cold for shorts, but this year I am giving my shorts some personality.  I have a lot of denim shorts.   I am going to make them a little more exciting by adding some trims and some different fabric on the pockets to really make them diverse.
6. Close Fitting-  I wear more loose fitting clothes because that is my comfort zone, however, this year I am going to wear more closer fitting shirts and dresses because I don’t want to limit myself to just the flowy stuff anymore!
7. Clutching the Envelope-  Larger envelope clutches weren’t really my thing when they first came on the fashion scene, but a friend of mine recently got one and when I actually had it in my hands I was surprised how much I liked it.  It’s also nice because this is probably the only clutch I can fit all my stuff in.
8. Studs- Everyone needs some studs or spikes in their life.  They are just too fun and sexy to pass up.
9.  Laced Up- I have seen these lace up wedge boots for weeks and I don’t know what I like about them exactly.  All I know is they have almost a sexy without trying sort of look.  I just can’t get enough.

Acne sleeveless tee
$53 – ekseption.es


Low rise pants

Bardot denim short shorts
$94 – bardot.com.au

Black skirt

Black heels

Even&odd wedge heels
$81 – zalando.co.uk


One comment on “Style Resolutions For 2013

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