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Best Time To Buy A SwimSuit

We all know swimsuit shopping stinks unless you are ready for it.   Let’s face it, bathing suits aren’t the most flattering because there isn’t much to hide behind except for some spandex.  Anyway, I found out today though that it is possible to find the right suit at the right price.  The time is now to find that suit that will really make you feel hot.  A lot of stores are one or both of the following things: A. Putting out all of the suits that didn’t sell last year for a discounted price or B. Putting out their new inventory suits for spring.  This may seem strange because no one even wants to go outside at this point (at least on the east coast), but the fact is that’s the point!  To get people to purchase swimsuits that are going on vacation or just have spring fever and are longing for the warmer days to come.  I got mine at Target for a total of $28 for the full suit.  So, if you are having the beginnings of spring fever go get yourself ready with a cheap, sexy swimsuit.


Here’s the one I got its got a cool graphic print, but a cool fifties kind of top that makes me feel really girly like I should be wearing red lipstick.  Hope you all had a good Monday!


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