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Ace That Interview Look

I have been trying to get a job because well I just hate not having one.  I was thinking about what to wear if I got the call for an interview.  I’m trying to get a job in retail because well I like clothes and fashion.  Based on that I figured I could wear something a little more fashionable.  I know some of you work in more strict environment when it comes to work clothes, but maybe you can work in a little bit of your sense of style when you go into the interview.  On the far left is what people usually wear to an interview and all the other looks are ways to play up your style.Interview Looks
Also here are some of my personal rules for dressing for an interview.
1.  No Cleavage-  Anything that even looks like you have cleavage don’t wear.  Do the bend over test if you think you can see down your shirt when you lean over.  Showing cleavage is just another way an interviewer can judge you before actually talking to you.  I mean you don’t want all they remember about you to be your cleavage.
2.  Fit-  Make sure your you are comfortable in your clothes, if your fidgeting or pulling your skirt down every five minutes you will look and feel uncomfortable.  Trust me this will not go unnoticed.
3.  Minimal jewelry-  When putting on accessories choose a few small pieces or a statement necklace or bracelet.  The interviewer will get distracted if you have big earrings knocking you in the face, but if you have one statement piece like a necklace it could be a conversation starter about your style.
4.  No dark lipstick- I know its tempting to wear a bold red lip, but image if your lipstick gets on your teeth during the interview.  It would just be bad.  I know its a small thing, but it can be easily avoided.
5.  Paint your Nails- Or take all your polish off.  It is not professional to have chipped up nails so either take all the polish off or repaint them a day or two before so your nails can just complement the rest of the look.

Fitted shirt

River Island leopard top
$39 – riverisland.com

Lipsy cap sleeve blouse
$39 – lipsy.co.uk

Cropped cardigan
$93 – johnlewis.com

River Island black blazer
$71 – riverisland.com

Minuet Petite crepe pants
$125 – debenhams.com

Maison Martin Margiela tux pants
$355 – brownsfashion.com

Zalando knee length pencil skirt
$66 – zalando.co.uk

$57 – warehouse.co.uk

Jane norman
$28 – janenorman.co.uk

Stiletto heels

Black flat

Lace up booties
$71 – very.co.uk

Call it SPRING high heel pumps
$71 – debenhams.com

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