Keep your brushes clean! I am definitely trying this!

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Cleaning our makeup brushes that we tend to use on a daily basis is just as important as washing our faces morning and night. You can easily go out and buy from the store a pre-made makeup brush cleaner but if you happen to like making your own or you ran out and haven’t been able to go and re-purchase some more, here’s a quick DIY recipe to clean your brushes!

All you need is:

  • Any antibacterial soap/dish soap (antibacterial is important to sterilize the brushes and kill bacteria)
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (this will help replenish moisture in the brush hairs)
  • A plate
  • Paper Towels (as much as you need to lay all your brushes flat on)
  • Tap water and a sink
  • Your dirty brushes


  1. Pour 3 parts Antibacterial Soap and 1 part Extra-Virgin Olive Oil on your plate
  2. Mix together
  3. Dip brush into mixture on the plate
  4. Place…

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  2. […] DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning (runwayeverywhere.wordpress.com) […]

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