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Trend Tuesday!

Trend: Ankle Length Pants

I recently purchased a pair of ankle length jeans and they were so such a fun twist on jeans I decided to see if the trouser version was just as exciting.  Well they were.  I have seen so many different prints and colors of the ankle pant there were too many to choose from.  I went the classic route and got a black pair from Banana Republic.  They are stretchy,  fit  me in all the right places, and hit me right at the ankle bone, where all ankle length pants should hit.  I like this style because the pants are easy to dress up and dress down, but it also makes my work outfits feel a little more stylish, at least more so than my regular trouser style pants.  Also they are reminiscent of the cigarette pant and Audrey Hepburn so that makes wearing them a little more fun.  My favorite part is that they look good with both heels and flats and because they hit at my ankle I never have to worry about them dragging or getting caught on my heels.

Alright, so here are some different pants (the ones I bought are the first picture) and how some girls have styled this chic twist on pants.




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