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Wishlist Wednesday

Hey all!

I know missed Wishlist Wednesday last week,  but this week I am posting two items on my wishlist!

First item on my wishlist is oxfords, I have a pair already but they are brown and have no laces.  I want a really feminine pair with laces and maybe even some other ladylike elements.  I like oxfords because I love playing with masculine and feminine so they add a more relaxed element to my wardrobe.  Here are a few pairs that I think would give my wardrobe a little something extra.

oxford7 oxfords oxfords2 oxfords3 oxfords4 oxfords5 oxfords6

The next item on my wishlist are colored blazers.  I love these things.  Usually I stick to neutral colors because blazers are a staple and usually a little higher in price.  However, I might break my rules very soon.  Colored blazers are everywhere and it seems they are here to stay.  You name a color and you can probably find a blazer to match.  They give your wardrobe that put together look while still making your look light, fun, and springy.  This is definitely a must have for spring and beyond.  Here are a few blazers I think would add to any wardrobe and some looks to inspire you.

colored blazercoloredblazer9colored blazer1 coloredblazer2 coloredblazer3coloredblazer4 coloredblazer5 coloredblazer6 coloredblazer8  coloredblazer7coloredblazer10


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