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May Favorites

Here are some of my favorite products and styles for the Month of May.


Elf Jumbo Lip Gloss–  I happened upon this product actually. I was looking for the Elf Matte Lip Color when I saw this lip gloss stick. I got this instead because I wanted something with a balm more than long lasting.  I got this in Pink Umbrella’s and its so cute.  It has just enough color and the pink just brightens my lips.  Its my new favorite product and its only $2.00.

Revlon cream shadow-These have been a lifesaver.  I wanted to try a cream shadow and the Revlon set gave me a variety of colors.  I went with neutral tones because I didn’t know how pigmented it would be.  They have a couple of functions I have used the lightest color as a highlight, the middle nude tone as a base, and of course as a shadow.  These shadows stay on for hours and keep and other powder shadow on too.  Definitely a staple in my make up bag.


Denim Vest– I love the look of denim vests.  I only have one and it looks similar to this one.  I got mine as a hand me down denim jacket and then just cut the sleeves off.  I like a bigger boxier silhouette for this piece, but more tailored vest can definitely be found if that’s more your style.

Peter Pan collar-I have a blouse similar to this and I love it.  Its great for spring because of the light and soft silhouette. I have no idea what it is about this design element, but I love it.  It’s different from “regular” collars in the fact that its round and adds a slightly more feminine touch.  On top of that the collar  can be made with all types of materials to set it apart.

High-waisted shorts-These are becoming more and more popular, I recently bought a black pair and I really want a denim pair next.  The high waist shows off your curves as well as make your waist look smaller.  And I mean, who doesn’t want that.

Neon-This is just one example of how to wear neon, and one of my favorite ways to try a new color or pattern.  Through my shoes!  I am gaining a really strong affinity for this color because it pops against one of my other favorite colors, black.   A way to try this shade is through accessories and if you know you love it and want to make a statement try it in a blouse or maybe even pants if you truly want to be bold.

Hope you liked my favorites, let me know some of your favorite beauty or style products in the comments!


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