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Trend Tuesday!

Hey guys, so doing this internship along with a class is a little more difficult than I anticipated.  That’s why I have been MIA.  Posting has been difficult, but I am always looking for things to share with you.  I will be trying to post as much as I can this week so just bear with me.  I am hoping to post a couple more times this week so look out for that!


Trend: Printed Leggings


I posted a few months ago about printed tights and now printed leggings are taking the spotlight.  I don’t have a preference for which I like more.  Printed tights are usually more delicate and feminine, but printed leggings tend to be on the edgy or bohemian side of things.  Here are some cool styles that I found!  Tell me if you have ever worn printed leggings or plan on it!

leggings 1 leggings 2 leggings 3 leggings 4 leggings 5 leggings 6 leggings 7 <–  These are my favorite!leggings 8 leggings leggings9

Just remember when you wear printed leggings they are not pants so cover your bottom!


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