June Favorites

Here are my favorite things for June


Zig Zag-  I think the zig zag or chevron pattern is perfect for the beginning of summer!  This pattern can be added to any part of your wardrobe and can be used in a big or small way.  A chevron dress like this will be perfect to dress up for a family barbecue or down for a summer night with friends.

Printed Romper- Rompers have been  around for a few seasons, and I feel like now they are really looking cute.  There are a lot of different patterns and styles.  You definitely have to be careful of the fit with rompers  so try on before you buy!  Wearing a printed romper like this one makes the style a little more sophisticated and stylish.  Try a blazer over it to really make it look polished.

Harem Pants-  This style is coming back strong and I know why.  This style pants can be worn in a professional way while still being stylish.  The materials usually used to make this style of pants is lightweight so they can easily be worn in the summer.  Harem pants are also very comfortable.  You do have to watch out though, because some styles of these pants can look like pajama pants if your not careful about the fit.  These harem pants are a little more casual, but with a more fitted top can be worn out on the town.

Vintage Style Dress-  Everyone needs a blast from the past and vintage style dresses make it easy. I love vintage touches with newer trends.  Like this vintage style dress, it has a vintage cut,  pattern,  and soft delicate bows lining the back. However, it also has a small cutout in the back making more of a style of today.  I love these dresses because they are a nod to the past without looking old.

Cork Wedges- I just bought a pair of these (you’ll see them in a post soon!) and I love them.  Cork wedges like these are an essential for summer because they can be dressed up or down for any summer occasion.  You can wear them with your go to skinny jeans or a sweet sundress.  To me the cork in the wedge just looks more summery as opposed to a solid wedge.


Revlon Baby Stick for Lips and Cheeks– Ok so I haven’t had much luck in the beauty department lately so instead of my favorites I am telling you about something I want to try.  The revlon baby stick looks so fun and who doesn’t like two products in one.  This product runs about $9 and I want to try it so bad!  I am really fond of cream blush and I am addicted to lipcolor so it seems like the perfect product.

On another note I am looking to try a new mascara my last one was okay, but I want to try something different that will give me volume and length,but not clump all my lashes together.  I mean who doesn’t want that!  I hope you guys all comment and help me out because I need it.  Also let me know what some of your favorite products and styles are!


2 comments on “June Favorites

  1. I use a mascara made by Mally, it’s one coat-doesn’t come off until you take it off which is excellent for the hot summer weather (90degrees!)
    which I’m told is coming next week!

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