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Product Review CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm-Coral Twist

This is a new product from Covergirl and has similarities to Clinque’s chubby stick if you have ever used that.  The texture is like if lip stick and lip gloss had a baby, its light and soft.   However, the color is noticeable, but not in your face.  It’s also not full of glitter, (at least the color I got)so you just get sheer color that isn’t shiny or sparkly.  What’s also nice about this product is the fact that if you forget about it and it fades off, it doesn’t leave a line around your lips like what happens with a lot of lipsticks.  It’s not super long lasting, maybe an hour or two without eating or drinking, but it also doesn’t dry your lips out so you won’t have to put any balm over it.  The colors are pretty diverse with 16 shades you are bound to find something you like, but there is nothing too bold.  The size is also great as it’s not too much bigger than lipstick despite being called jumbo.  This product is great if you don’t want to keep reapplying or you’re worrying about the product leaving anything behind if you forget to reapply.  The price is around seven dollars and it’s a pretty good deal if you end up wearing it every day.  I have Coral Twist and it’s the perfect shade to wear every day.   This is the best one I have tried so far of these kinds of lip colors and personally I intend to try more.  The next color I am getting will be Blush Twist.


If you want to try Jumbo Lip Balm’s without making the jump Target sells a brand called e.l.f and they have Jumbo Lip Balms, however be warned they are slightly more drying and have a way less color variety.



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