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Style Resolutions 2014

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers
Hope you all had a great New Year!
Last year I wrote down some New Year’s Resolutions relating to my style.
Last year’s Resolutions are here
I definitely completed quite a few of these resolutions!
Now I am setting a few more for myself to see if I can keep it going.
1.  Be Graphic.  This year I want to wear more graphic tees.  They add an edge to a lot of outfits and they look cool in every season.
2.  Bold and beautiful.  I tend to stick to the same few pieces of jewelry, this year I want to buy more interesting pieces and really make a jewelry statement.
3. Layer it On.  I want to wear more layers.  Collared shirts and sweater, sweaters over dresses, etc.  I want to try it all in the new year!
Only a few resolutions this year, but completing them are easier said than done.
Tell me some of your style resolutions and what you are looking forward too in the new year!

One comment on “Style Resolutions 2014

  1. Sorry about the formatting on this. My computer will not let me fix it 😦

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