A Fashionable Guide to Packing


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As you know I am going abroad and that means packing.  I hate packing.  I don’t hate it because its time consuming or anything like that.  I hate packing because I want to have options while on my trip and every time I put something in my suitcase I have a small battle with myself about how its one less thing I’ll be able to take back from France. After a few days of thinking about this, I have combined my fashion knowledge and all the lists you can find for packing for a long trip abroad.   Here are a few tips I have for packing light while still looking stylish.

Wear an interesting coat- (Only if you are going some place cold, otherwise try not to bring a coat at all)  Get a medium weight coat and layer.  The temperatures can change quickly so layering is handy.  Having an interesting coat will make it okay to wear a bunch of neutrals underneath.

Pack your favorite tops- Don’t pack that top you hope you’ll wear.  Wear the one you wear so much that you could sleep in it if you could.  This way you know what combinations look good and you’ll always feel confident in your choices.

limit your bottoms-  Bring only a few bottoms.  Five MAX for a long trip I chose two pairs of jeans (one I wore on the plane) a printed pair of harem pants, black dress pants, and a black maxi skirt.  These are different enough that they add something, but not too crazy that I won’t wear them.

Dual purpose shoes-  If you need to take a few pairs of shoes make sure they serve more than one person.  Got a professional event and a ballet to attend bring a pair of heels that can be worn to both events.

Accessories galore- More neutral clothing equals more opportunities to experiment with accessories!  Different colors, shapes and types of accessories are there to experiment with.

Pack an outfit in your carry on-  This is a no-brainer for the seasoned traveler.  If you check a bag packing an extra outfit will give you a back up in case they airline loses your luggage.

Do laundry-  This is a necessary evil.  You can’t pack for your whole trip unless you are going for two weeks or less.  Wash your clothes every two weeks or as needed.

Pack the essentials for a two week span-  If you are going away for a month or five months you should only pack socks and underwear for two weeks.  As in 14 pairs of each.  This will give you plenty of time before you have to do laundry and you also won’t have to worry about packing 30 pairs of underwear.



Hope this advice was helpful!  Let me know some of your packing/travel secrets!


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2 comments on “A Fashionable Guide to Packing

  1. Wish I had read this just before my holiday this Christmas, I’m a chronic over packer but I can’t handle not having options.

  2. Reblogged this on JustaGirlinaShop and commented:
    Seriously, this is good advice. Are you actually going to wear it? If not, back in the closet it goes! It will still be there when you get back.

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