Where to Shop in Paris on a Budget

picture of paris street boutiques

When shopping in Paris I had to dig deep to find places in Paris that wouldn’t break the bank. Now I am happy to share my findings with you all!

Boutiques and Chains:

Pimkie- This is like the French H&M, trendy pieces alongside basics with a few bags and accessories in between.

Bershka- More edgy styles.  Fun graphic tees, sweaters, and dresses.  Very good prices during the soldes or sales and average prices on full price items.

Jennyfer- All kinds of stuff here. I would put this in a similar category as forever 21 with a lot of trendy items.

New Look-  I would say price-wise this is like a forever 21 or an H&M, but the clothes and accessories are really cool and interesting.

Naf Naf-This is at the higher end of my price point.  Jeans were about 50 euros here.  But they have very feminine pieces and you could get something for a steal during the soldes.

And of course Zara and H&M are huge in France too!


Freep’Star- This is a very small place, but if you search you can find really cool pieces.  There are also a few locations around the city so you can find the place closest to you.

Tilt Vintage- This place is also pretty small, but they have a pretty good price point.

Come on Eileen-  This one was very cool! They had designer as well as regular boutique vintage.  You can really get a steal if you search for it.

Kilo Shop- This had to be one of my favorite places.  It charged you by the weight of the piece.  Say you got a bag or sweater or whatever and it costs a certain amount per kg.  It ends up being really great! Just make sure you don’t get anything too heavy.

(The Soldes are sales in France in every single store basically the entire month of January.  They hold similar sales sometime in the spring.)


3 comments on “Where to Shop in Paris on a Budget

  1. Could I get a follow? Ilove your blog

  2. Very awesome post, if I go to Paris one day I’ll know where to go!

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