Spring Cleaning Tips Part I

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

To start off this wonderful season I thought I would do a short series on ways to spring clean your closet, make up, and nail products, and maybe your life.

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The first part will be spring cleaning your closet.  I know I dread it because I hate throwing things away! I always thinks things will come back in style and I will use that again, but I won’t.  Organizing your closet will also make it easier to see what you have when you are in a rush or you think you need something new.  Here are some tips I have found to start spring cleaning your closet and organizing it!

1. Start Fresh- Empty out your closet completely like your starting fresh, when your start putting more pieces in go section by section with tops, or skirt, etc.

2. One Hit Wonder?-  Think about the last time you wore this piece and what you can wear with it.  If you can’t pair it with more than one thing and haven’t worn it in more than six months, get rid of it!

3. Folding is your friend- I know we all hate folding, it never comes out right!  However, we also hate a closet to stuffed to see into.  Create more space by folding jeans, tees, and sweaters.  This will make room for the items that need to be hung up to keep them looking great.

4. Color by Hanger-  I know its easy to just throw your clothes on the rack, but organizing your pieces by color will help choose pieces when getting ready faster because you will already know where to look.  If you really want to get fancy organize the clothes by style within each color.

5. Bins, and Buckets, and Baskets, OH MY!- If you don’t have a dresser or have run out of drawers and shelving space, then get cute baskets or stacking trays for your underwear, socks, stockings, or sunglasses.

6. Double Duty- If you can manage double bars to organize your closet do it in at least one side.  This will maximize your space and give you more room to organize.

7.  If you are unsure about an item, try it on, this will give you a first impression all over again.  Trying the piece on will also help you see the fit again.  If you don’t immediately love it you won’t wear it, toss it or give it away.

8. What to Hang, What to Fold:

To Hang:


Silky Blouses




Button Downs


To Fold:


Lightweight Knits

Sequined/Embellished Items



I will have some pics from my spring cleaning in the coming weeks! I want to see your organization send me pics or post a comment about how you organize.


Also! Remember to tell me more about what you guys like in my last post!

Let’s Have More Fun!

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