Spring Cleaning Tips Part II


Your closet isn’t the only thing that need to be organized and cleaned this spring!  Getting your make up organized and all cleaned up will make getting ready faster, and you can figure out what you are missing.


1. Get Cleaned Up- Cleaning your brushes is annoying, but I would clean them once or twice a week to give them a longer life span.  You can use a gentle soap, but make sure you use some type of oil to condition your brushes and keep them lasting even longer!  I would say clean your brushes every couple of weeks depending on how often and how much make up you are using.

make up brushes



2. Mug Out-  Once you finish cleaning your brushes and they are dry you can store them in cups or mugs so they are easily accessed.  If you want to organize them even more store your brushes in two different cups.  Use one mug for face brushes and one for eye brushes.  Using this method will make it easier to see what you have and what you need.  This is also a way to decorate!  You can use plain mugs/containers or get more creative and get some crazy colored mugs or get white and color your own.

brushes in a Cup brushes in mug



3. Like New-  When you go through your make up, like your clothes in part I of spring cleaning, take it all out so you can start fresh.  As you go through your make up take out each piece try it out, swatch it on your hands or lips to remember what it looks like.  After that, if its kind of gunky and you are going to keep it, take a make up wipe and clean it off.  Once you are done, organize your make up.  The easiest way I find to organize my make up is by product type such as foundation, concealer, blush, powder, lipstick, eyeshadow, tools, etc.  If you want to take it to the next level organize each product category by shade.


4. Inside or On Top- When organizing your make up you have a few options you can put your products in drawers, on top of a desk or counter, or on a rack like the one below on your door.  I use a make up case  at the moment with my brushes in a mug on my desk, but its getting pretty full so I may need another option.  You can of course use a few or a variations of all of these options.

Using drawers are useful if you have a very large collection and using drawer organizers will give you the ability to further organize your make up into categories with smaller container within the drawer like the images below.

drawer organizer drawer organizer 3 drawer organization

If you want to go the on the counter route I suggest using clear containers so you can see each product and put a separate product type in each separate container.

on top organizer on top organizer 2

Using the hanging organization method is useful when you do your make up in the bathroom because you don’t have to worry about dropping make up somewhere that cannot be easily cleaned (like a rug).  This can be perfect for a smaller make up collection you can see and reach all your products quickly when getting ready.  I would suggest organizing a category for each sections.  Face products,eye products, and lip products should be separated in to different pockets.

hang up organizer 2 hang up organizer

If you want to use a case, I suggest getting one that opens up on both sides so you have more space to store your products.  This is best  if you travel a lot because you don’t have to transfer your products.  You can just close the case and be on your way.

make up case 2 make up casemake up case 3

5. Color Me Pretty- Make sure when placing your make up in the categories (especially with shadow and lip products) you place them in a way where you can see all your color options.  Organizing your make up this way will make it easier to see what you have and give you more options for different make up looks.

lipstick organization

6. Daily Routine-  Make sure you store the products you use daily in a section by itself so it is easy to get to in the morning.  This will cut down on the time it takes you to get ready in the morning.


Tell me how you organize YOUR make up in the comments below

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