Spring Cleaning Part III

Ok so now that you have cleaned your closet and organized you make up, I know you need to make your nail polish look pretty even when its not on your nails.

1. Clearly Classic-Where ever you store your nail polish make sure it is in a clear container or open so you can see all of your colors and you don’t have to dig through until you find the one your looking for.  I would also suggest a plastic container because if there is a mess you can just throw it away instead of having to try and remove polish from your nice glass container.

organizing nail polish

2. Divide and Conquer- Separate your tools as well as top and base coat polishes so you don’t have to look around for it.  Like in the picture above, there is a row for polish, a row for base and top coats, and a row for tools!

3.  Let Them Go- When cleaning out your nail polish, take each bottle out and look at it.  If it looks dried out or separating toss it.  The formula has seen better days and it won’t perform as well on your nails.

4.  Make Them Pretty- Once you have found all the polishes you are keeping take each one, clean it off, and try to arrange them in an organized manner within the container.  They can be laid flat or standing up depending on how they fit and your preference.

5.  Color By Number-  To complete your organization you can organize your polish by brand or color depending on what makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for or how much polish you have.


Hope this helps you organize some of your nail products!  Tell me what your favorite nail polish is!

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