What’s Your Favorite?

As a blogger, I love to see reviews on products, people’s favorite pieces, and all things fashion and beauty.  So today I want to know all your favorite products and pieces!

What is the one piece you could wear with anything?

What’s the piece you can’t wait to wear this spring?

What’s your holy grail beauty or skincare product?

What beauty product do you not understand?

What is one beauty trend you want to try?


Let me know in the comment below!!


My answers:

I have this pair of ankle length jeans and they are really stretchy so its like wearing sweats.  I could wear those to sleep they are so comfy, and the ankle cut makes them feel new!

I recently bought a floral jumpsuit and I am waiting for the perfect moment to wear it!  I want to pair it with a skinny brown belt and maybe some ankle booties.

My favorite beauty product is Maybelline’s The Rocket Mascara It just defines my lashes so well and makes them look like doll lashes (does that make sense?)

Speaking of mascara, the beauty product I don’t understand is colored mascara.  I just don’t get how it will ever look good on anyone unless its a costume for something.

The one beauty product I want to try is the NYX butter lipsticks!  I hear such good things about them and the color selection is so cute!  I want to try ALL THE COLORS!





4 comments on “What’s Your Favorite?

  1. Sunglasses. They go with everything even when it is not sunny out, I have a pair on my head.
    I just got the most adorable Cynthia Rowley spring jersey dress and now I just need a warm enough day to wear it! Damn you New England weather!
    I could not live without my Covergirl mascaras. I bounce back and forth between their collections, but it must always be brown and must always ALWAYS be waterproof.
    On the topic of waterproof… I don’t understand liquid eyeshadow. I just can’t bring myself to try it. I’m a traditionalist at heart I guess. Powdered all the way baby!
    Lastly, I’ve been dying to try cat eyes. I have always thought that eyeliner technique is super chic and sexy but I have no idea where to even start or wear it! My life is not that fabulous. Lol.

    • I also have slight obsession with sunglasses! I love Cynthia Rowley’s design aesthetic. I hope you get to wear it soon. Mascara is definitely a must even when I don’t have any other make up on. Cream shadow can be used instead of a base to intensify you shadow color so if you want to try it maybe don’t use it on its own at first. My favorites are in a little revlon palette that I mentioned in my march hits and misses, they go with basically any eye look I do. Also I totally love the cat eye, but I feel like I have to be going somewhere fancy to pull off such a dramatic look

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