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How To: De-stress


As some of you may know, I am coming to the end of my college career and that comes with a lot of stress.  Here are some tips to de-stress your life.

-Make lists- Lists have been my life saver.  Writing my tasks down for the day make them easier to remember, and keeps my priorities in order for the day.

-Have realistic expectations-Put only what you think you can accomplish for the day on the list. If you are doing a project that is going to take you a few hours maybe only put one or two other things on the list for that day.

-Take an hour for yourself-  This is crucial.  Nothing makes me freak out more than when I am so busy that I get burnt out.  Being tired and stressed are never a good combo.  Make sure you take an hour for yourself either taking a nap or doing something mindless to give your brain a break.

-Have a Support System-  This can be one or many people you can talk to when your stressed.  I know I have two people that I always go back to when I’m stressed to either get advice, to vent, or just to be talked out of a nervous breakdown.  Having this person will let you see your problems from a different perspective or just have someone who is comforting when you are going through a tough time.

-Taking a Deep Breath-  When I was a kid, and I would get myself all worked up my mom would sit me down and tell me to take deep breaths until I was calm and then we would solve the problem that was at hand.  Taking deep breath just has a calming effect, and makes me see more clearly.

-Don’t Worry- I know this sounds ridiculous, but stressing about things that are already done will just stress you out more.  Focus your energy on things you can change, not on what is already done.  Does worrying about things you can’t change do anything besides make you more stressed?


Do you have any tips to de-stress??  Tell me in the comments below!


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