Boots Comes to Walgreens Stores

I am back from my short hiatus with some exciting news!  As some of you may remember, Target updated their beauty section a few months ago.  The skincare and beauty brand Boots may be harder for some of you to find there due to things being changed around a bit. Well now the much loved British brand can also be found in Walgreens!  Walgreens recently purchased 45% of Boots, and is rumored to be interested in purchasing the entire company in the coming years.


They have the full line of beauty and skincare products from Boots and they are all 20% off until July 26th at Walgreens stores.  I picked up a Moisture Drench lipstick which I will be reviewing later in the week, and I am excited to try more products from this brand.  Will you be picking up Boots products? Are there any British brands you wish would come to the U.S. or vice versa?


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4 comments on “Boots Comes to Walgreens Stores

  1. OMG! I’ve been wanting to try this brand out for ages.. Tomorrow I’m going straight to my local Walgreens to see if they have Boots products.. This just made my day. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. […] for spring, so I was a little disappointed with that (because that’s where I find my Boots products).  I hope the Walgreens selection gets a bit brighter.  The price right now at Walgreens is […]

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