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Review (7/17/14): Boots No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick

Recently I have seen Boots No7 in Walgreens so naturally I had to pick up a product and you know it had to be a lip product (Please give me some suggestions for other products to try from this brand).  The shade I got was Rose Blush!

photo 1


I love this packaging.  Its sleek and simple with a slight hourglass shape.  The package feels sturdy like a high end lipstick, so I don’t feel like it will come open in my bag.

Application and formula:

Goes on like a lip balm fell with great pigmentation.  It felt extremely creamy, but didn’t bleed so you don’t need a lip liner.  Also, it doesn’t make my lips look dry or cracked.  The Rose Blush shade is my “my lips, but better” shade.

photo 3

Feel and Lasting Power:

The color fades evenly after three or four hours (I hate when the color is dark on the outside and faded on the inside of the lips). It will also come off a bit once you eat or drink.  Once the color does start fading your lips may feel a bit dry, but only slightly.  I don’t really mind it, I just reapply and my lips feel balmy and hydrated again.

Color Selection and Price:

There are 14 colors that are offered with mostly dark and neutral colors on Walgreens website, but 21 shades on Boots website shipping to the U.S.(33 shades if you are in the UK).  Not very many bright colors from the Walgreens selection for spring, so I was a little disappointed with that (because that’s where I find my Boots products).  I hope the Walgreens selection gets a bit brighter.  The price right now at Walgreens is $7.99, but it will be back at $9.99 by the end of July.

Overall, I really love this lipstick, its a great neutral that I can wear everyday with any eye look.  The color is great on the lipstick I have, but I wish they had a larger selection in store.  I love coral and pink shades!  I would also say keep the lipstick with you for reapplication because it doesn’t last all day. I would like to see if the brand comes out with more shades before I buy another No7 Moisture Drench lipstick, but the one I have right now is the lipstick I keep reaching for!


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