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July Favorites

July Favorites are here, a bit late, but they have arrived.  I was on vacation and there was no internet whatsoever, so now that I am home I can post again! Here are my favorites for the month of July!



Floral Romper – As you know from my last fashion blog post here, I love wearing rompers!  They are so easy to wear and comfortable so these have been a must have for July.  Especially this floral one because it is casual enough for every day and it kind of looks like a dress so its fun to say “just kidding its a romper”.


Kimono- I have literally been wearing this all the time.  I never thought I would be the type to wear a kimono, but this makes me want to buy another one.  I usually wear this when its a really hot day, and I don’t feel like just wearing a tank and shorts.  The kimono makes me feel a bit more sophisticated and I love it!  I usually wear the kimono with a black tank and high waisted shorts.



The Bag-I recently got this cross body bag as a gift and I have been itching to use it.  First I love the color, its a deep plummy purple and I’m glad I got it as a gift because I rarely buy colorful bags for myself these days.  My favorite part however is the pockets!  There are so many compartments I don’t know where to start putting things!  It will be a great bag to wear now and into the fall.

photo 1 photo 2


Wet and Wild Color Icon 8 color palette in Comfort Zone- I got this a month or two ago because I really liked all the shades and I knew Wet and Wild has high quality shadows.  What really took me by surprise was the definer shade in the bottom right.  It looks like its going to be some weird brown/blue shade in the pan, but swatched on my hand it. Is. Gorgeous.

photo 4 photo 2 photo 3


Josie Maran Watercolour Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape-  I have been wearing this almost everyday.  It is a get blush that gives you just a sheer summer tint of color.  It is great for days that I want my look to be a bit more natural (that is often in the summer). I just use my elf small stipple brush to apply and then blend it out.


Color Tattoo Leathers in Vintage Plum- This is the first Color Tattoo I have tried and this one makes me want to try the originals.  I like this because it is a purple, but it has an almost neutral shade because it looks almost taupe in some light.  Another thing I have been loving is that its matte.  Its doesn’t have a bunch of shimmer so I can use it as a base if I want.

IMG_4982 IMG_4990 IMG_4991

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer- I have been using this all summer long.  I get pretty shiny in the summer due to the heat and such, and this does a really good job of keeping my skin looking matte especially in the T-Zone.  It is very light and once I add foundation I can’t even feel it on my skin.

photo 2 photo 3



Marc Anthony Beach Spray- I got a sample size of this at Harmon on a whim because I am looking for a good texturizing spray (Please let me know if you have any suggestions). I have really been liking this! It smells like straight coconut which I love and it gives more texture to my hair when I apply it wet, but it doesn’t do as much when it is added to my dry hair.  Overall I like it a lot, and I might have to purchase the full size.

photo 1


Jurassic Park-I read Jurassic Park this month because I remember liking the movie, and a friend said he thought the book was better than the movie.  I loved reading it!  It was more descriptive and exciting than I expected and the way they moved from character to character was done really well.  There were a few parts when things got a bit too wordy, but other than that it was great!  I definitely recommend you pick it up.


ViviannaDoesMakeup- I am loving Vivianna’s channel and blog this month.  First of all she does such cute vlogs (vlogging is basically just videoing your daily life).  She does a great job with those they are just funny and I always want to watch them.  If you aren’t into vlogging VIvianna has great tutorials for things like cat eye eyeliner or how to do your eyebrows.  She also touches on fashion and just really relevant topics in fashion and beauty.  Here blog and youtube channel will be linked below.

Youtube Channel and Blog



What were your favorites from July?? Tell me in the Comments. Beauty, Fashion, Whatever!  I would love to hear from you.



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