Fashion Rules I Live By


We’ve all seen those articles online, “Fashion rules you need to follow now”, “What fashion rules you can break”, etc.  This is not one of those posts exactly.  I have a few rules that I personally use and tell my friends and family when they are having a fashion dilemma and I hope you enjoy them too!

1. Stripes Accentuate- If you are looking to accentuate any part of your body stripes are the way to go.  Horizontal stripes make your curves look curvier that includes bust, hips, etc.  The rule works similarly for vertical stripes.  Vertical stripes tend to make you look taller because they extend the body.

2. Navy is a Neutral- When it comes to the color navy a lot of people think it is not a neutral, but in my experience it is.  I feel like a neutral is defined as a color the goes with a ton of other colors.  This is definitely the case with navy.  Here are some navy options

navy 1 Navy 2 navy 3 Navy

3. Black and Brown aren’t always Enemies- We have all heard that black and brown don’t go together, but I don’t think that it always the case.  Its all about the tone of the brown to determine how well the two shades go together. In my experience, more orange and red toned browns don’t go well with black.  However, more neutral and cool toned brown do.  It also depends on how dark the brown is.  If the brown is extremely close to the black in darkness then it may look strange.

4. Under Garments are Your Best Friend- Your bra and panties can make or break the look.  If you are wearing something that makes your panty line obvious you might be self conscious.  For instance, if your wearing denim shorts you can wear whatever underwear your heart desires.  If you are wearing leggings or any material like that you have two options, you can wear a thong or get some seamless panties.  On that same note, wearing the right bra is INCREDIBLY important. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen someone wearing the wrong bra and I just want to go over and help.  It doesn’t have to be expensive you just need the right fit and support.  Not all bras are created equal though so you have to always try them on.  I know in one store I can be a 36 C and in another I can be a D so it all depends.  Bottom line, be friends with your girls and make sure they have the right support.

5. Dark Wash vs. Light Wash- Dark wash jeans are usually more flattering.  I prefer ones without any fading because the fading accentuates the thighs generally.  Light wash does the same thing as the fading does, it accentuates the curves of the body.

6. Fit is Majorly Important-  Making sure things fit is a necessity when it comes to fashion.  A girl can be wearing the most gorgeous piece of clothing ever made, but if it doesn’t fit it will look like crap.  Too tight, too loose, its all bad.  Wearing ill fitting garments will always make you look terrible.  Try it on, you will know as soon as you look at it if its not the right size.  Paying a little more to get the fit right is always a good idea.

7. Get Comfortable- Being comfortable in your clothing is really important because it helps with your confidence walking down the street in them.  If you are pulling down the hem of your skirt or your pantyhose is riding up, then you are not going to be confident.  Now I’m not saying wearing a t-shirt and sweats every day.  Find a few pieces that you really feel your best in so you can get up the confidence to experiment.  A few of my “comfy” pieces are my high waisted shorts, a vintage t-shirt, a soft gray dress, and a pair of medium wash jeggings.

8. Have a GO TO Outfit- What I mean by a “go to” outfit is have one outfit in your closet that you know you look good in and you love to wear.  Its perfect for those days where you need a pick me up or you don’t want to worry about what you are wearing.  Mine is of course a black tank with high waisted shorts and my black and white kimono.  Its perfect for the summer heat, and I feel confident in it.

9. Leaving the Comfort Zone- My rule for leaving your fashion comfort zone is to do one of two options. If your truly daring you can do both.  You can either go out of your comfort zone with color (see what colors you need in your closet, and get a color you have never worn) or with a new style (try a style you have never worn before such as maxi skirt, a kimono, or a skort).

10. Be Inspired- There is nothing better when you are in fashion rut than getting inspired.  I love looking on sites like the sartorialist, pinterest, and lookbook.nu to get ideas to use in my existing wardrobe or to find new trends.


6 comments on “Fashion Rules I Live By

  1. Love your “to go” rule! Cannot stand tearing through my closet right before I need to go out.

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    cheerful to share my knowledge here with colleagues.

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