Fall Wishlist 2014

The leaves have started falling and that means Autumn is almost here!  Fall is my favorites season so I was pretty excited to start making a wishlist.  I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to tell me what’s on your fall wishlist.Fall Wishlist
From Left to Right and Top to Bottom:
Oversized Coat- I need an oversized coat.  When I think of fall I just picture this coat with everything!  I am talking skinny jeans, chunky sweater, and this coat.  I am in love.
Graphic Tee- Graphic tees are getting funnier and funnier, but the ones that really catch my eye are sayings that inspire me.  This “Take More Risks” t-shirt would definitely make me want to take more risks in my life.
Plaid Skirt- I have no idea why I like this for fall.  It is possibly the darker colors or it could be this plaid print.  Either way I would wear this in the cool start to fall.
T-Shirt Dress- I know its a bit floral and springy for fall, but adding my autumn essentials (gray booties and a leather jacket) will really turn this into a whole different look to transition me into fall.
Bucket Bag- I have been seeing this style of bag more and more.  I have a leopard print version of this, but this caramel brown leather really just makes me think of all the things that are fun in fall (pumpkin cheesecake, apple cider, and caramel apples)!
Flat Hat- I love hats for all seasons!  This one will keep you warm, but you won’t look like your ready for winter just yet (that’s how I feel in knit hats).  It has a fun shape and I think it will go with a ton of looks.
Berry Lips and Nails- I have been obsessing over this color.  Every time I see it in a beauty product I want to have it in my life.  I feel like its a transitional color from summer to fall because its pinkish which tends to give me thoughts of summer but its also rich and deep so it gives me that fall feeling.
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True Decadence short sleeve dress
$50 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Cotton t shirt
$48 – it-eu.abercrombie.com

Blue coat

Bucket bag

VIVETTA rabbit hat

Berry lipstick


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