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So Many Lip Products So Little Time

More and more lip products are coming out.  This one stains, this one moisturizes, etc.  I thought I would spend a post breaking down what a few of these terms mean.  This is just generally speaking, so if you want a post about my favorite product in each category comment below and also tell me what your favorite lip products are!

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Lipstick- Lipstick is where it all started.  This type of lip product is purchased if you want full color on your lips.  Lipsticks can come in finishes like matte, lustrous, or cream.  You can also look for certain qualities like long wearing or moisturizing.  Long wearing lipsticks tend to be drying, whereas moisturizing lipsticks need to be reapplied after two or three hours of wear.  When purchasing you need to take these factors into consideration.  Lipstick also tends to have dozens of shades.  If you look hard enough you can find any lipstick shade (even colors like black and green!).  Things to take into consideration when looking for lipstick:

-Is it the right shade for my skin tone?

-Do I need to wear anything under it (lip balm, lip liner, etc.)?

-Does it bleed outside my lips?

– Does it fade evenly?

Lipgloss- This is sheer layer of color to make your lips look more full and well…glossy.  These can range a lot in pigmentation as well as how they feel on the lips.  Glosses can be really sticky or not sticky at all.  Generally the stickier the gloss the longer it stays on the lips.  Some people can not stand sticky glosses because if you go outside and your hair blows around in the wind its going to stick to your lips. Things to consider when looking for lip gloss:

-How much pigmentation do I want?

-How much shimmer do I want in it (1.A lot, 2. A little, or 3. None)?

Lip Balm- This is a moisturizing product and there are a ton of options in the category.  This usually has a waxy consistency and can be either clear or have a sheer hint of color.  These also tend to be scented but there are unscented options out there.  All lip balms are not created equal.  Some lip balms are more moisturizing than others.  My favorites are lip medex by Blistex and anything from Nivea.

Lip Stain- This is pigmented color that stains your lips for longer wear.  These are drying, but some products come with a built in balm to make it less drying.  This is not for you if you have a problem with chapped lips because there are so many other better options.

Liquid Lipstick- This is lipstick in you guessed it…a liquid form.  This is generally a full color product and creamy on the lips.  You can get vibrant colors with this type of lip product and a creamy not quite glossy finish or matte.

Gloss Balm- These are usually in the crayon/jumbo pencil format and they have a glossy finish, but a balmy feel on the lips.  What this means is that your lips will feel moisturized, but you may need to reapply often.

Gloss Stain- With this type of lip product you are able to start with a glossy finish when first applied then becoming a stain as the gloss wears away. I like these because it gives me the stain the moisture and the gloss all in one.


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