Getting It Together

You guys are probably thinking. Where has this girl been?  Well, I have entered into the real world. I recently graduated from college and entered the full time workforce for the first time.  It was quite a transition, but it got me thinking.  These are the big steps that almost everyone takes and sometimes its scary.  At least it threw me for a little bit of a loop.  Here are a few things a I learned from my own experience and from people way wiser than me.


Things Take Time:  When you graduate college it seems like everyone is getting employed, and you’ll be working a part time job making minimum wage for the rest of your life. Don’t worry! More people than you know are going through the same thing.  They all feel the same pressure, anxiety, and stress you are feeling.  However, you shouldn’t really be stressing in the first place because no matter how long it takes eventually you can get a job in your field.  I’m not saying it will be easy or exactly the job you want, but it can be a step in the right direction.


You probably won’t get your dream job or your dream paycheck at your first gig: When I first started looking for jobs I was incredibly selective.  I would only apply to certain companies and certain positions, but as my job search went on I came to the realization I couldn’t do that.  When I first started looking for my job I assumed I could get a job where I wanted with a company in the specific type of job I wanted, that was not the case.  I needed to “broaden my horizons”.  I looked in different locations, different up and coming companies, and different jobs I was qualified for in my field.  Also getting in contact with people helps.  My mom was asking everyone she knew if they knew someone who worked in the fashion industry, and I contacted all the people I had met while interning, while in school, and anyone else who might know someone.


Networking is Key: This sentiment is said in every book regarding any type of career advancement.  So that should tell you something.  I have to tell you it works in more ways than one.  I was able to get my current job by networking as well as hear about a really awesome sample sale from someone else I worked with.  Its not only about getting your foot in the door with networking.  You are able to get background, understand what people want, and what the expectation is.  Also, if your friend was hired, then the person interviewing you probably interviewed (and hired) them and trusts their judgement and their new employee recommendation.


Once You’ve got the Job: Having your first job can almost be as scary as being unemployed.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to put pressure on myself. When I started this new job, I put pressure on myself to be the best and make no mistakes (which is impossible).  So don’t do this, the company hired you so they probably think you are qualified, and it takes time to understand all the procedures and to figure out what goes where.  ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS!!! This is so important because it is the fastest way to learn.  People will be more pissed if you make a silly mistake than if you take five minutes out of their day to ask a questions, just trust me on this.


You are an employee not a slave:  Remember before when I talked about putting pressure on yourself, well this is a by product of that.  When you put pressure on yourself, you feel like you need to preform and that can mean staying late.  Yes, very often especially in the fashion industry we must stay late, but to me that means like seven or eight not midnight.  Or if you do stay that late it can’t be every night.  I’m not just saying that because I like sleep its because if you run yourself ragged like that you’ll get sick and work will suck a lot more or you might have to take off and lose more time.  I’m just saying don’t become a slave to your job.  Your boss will expect that of you and you may not like the consequences.


If you’re not happy, leave:  I haven’t been at this job a long time, but I know I love it.  I love the environment, the people, and the things I work on, but what if I wasn’t?  Some people would stick it out, but then you’re miserable and your work suffers.  If you hate everything about it start looking for another job, and keep in mind that your happiness and your goals are the only things that matter.


I just wanted to send out a little post to let you all know I will be starting up again on Tuesday with my September Favorites (better late than never), let you know what I have been doing, and share a small bit of wisdom I have gained.


I hope you all Enjoy!





3 comments on “Getting It Together

  1. Great you post l love it so plz send ur site url i have interested.

  2. Congrats Lauren! Can’t wait to hear more about your job.

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